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Rainmaker Foundation general work

Rainmaker Foundation exists to build a bridge between the most innovative charities and the most brilliant and generous minds. Rainmakers have achieved success and abundance in their respective careers, and are now collectively bringing their gifts and expertise to solving some of the world’s most pressing challenges.We accelerate the impact charities make on our massive social and environmental problems, by catalysing change through innovation and collaboration. The way we do this is by building bridge between: 1) small charities with big potential, 2) our community of Rainmakers, and 3) technology start-up ecosystems around the world. Your donation will contribute the cost of the Rainmaker Accelerator and the running of the Foundation. You can be confident that your support will be put to good use where it's needed most.

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Equal Community Foundation's general work

Equal Community Foundation aims to ensure that every man in India has the opportunity to study and practise gender equitable behaviour so as to end violence and discrimination against women.Over 100 million women in India continue to face violence and discrimination at the hands of men. The traditional approach to tackling this problem is to support women directly i.e. women’s empowerment. This approach does not tackle discrimination at its root and alone is not delivering the anticipated or required results in reducing inequality and violence. We believe that if we are to end violence and discrimination against women in this country, we must engage men as a part of the solution.ECF provide young men with the knowledge, skills, peer support and leadership they need to enable them to change their behaviour towards women and advocate this change to other men. ECF specifically seeks to influence groups of parents, teachers and the media within local communities to effect a meaningful change.

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Hull Children's university's general work

Hull Children’s University works to raise the aspirations of young people in a city challenged with the highest percentage of unemployment in the UK.Currently over 16,000 children in Hull are living in poverty, with 84% of these children coming from out of work households. These children face a stark lack of opportunities to learn about a different way of life, many never having left Hull or even ventured into the city centre. Hull Children’s University works to build the confidence of children through diverse learning experiences including museum and business visits. Children leave every experience happy, excited, with fresh aspirations and broader horizons that the University hopes they will carry with them into adulthood.

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Kent Refugee Action Network's general work

Kent Refugee Action Network (KRAN) provide help and support to young unaccompanied asylum seekers and refugees striving to live fulfilled, independent and successful lives in the UK. More than 960 asylum-seeker children are being cared for by Kent authorities, up from 629 at the end of July 2015, putting further pressure on already strained budgets. Young refugees experience barriers to education and integration that can leave them isolated from the community and are expected to live independently in a culture that is new and alien to them with limited language skills.An experienced and dedicated team of voluntary and paid staff help a much distressed, often maligned and yet courageous group of young people. Utilising a two-pronged approach KRAN aims to relieve the need of their clients through advice, information, education and support; and by raising public awareness about the disadvantaged position of refugees and ethnic minorities.

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Luminary Bakery's general work

Luminary Bakery is a social enterprise designed to offer opportunities for vulnerable women to build a future for themselves. It uses baking as a tool to take women on a journey of employability and entrepreneurship, providing a safe space for them to gain a professional skill set for the working world. Women from East London experience increased levels of socio-economic disadvantage, in an already heavily deprived area, with the well-being of children tied to that of their mothers. By investing in and releasing them to realise their dreams, through training, employment and community, Luminary aims to break the generational cycles of abuse, prostitution, criminal activity and poverty.Luminary uses its wholesale bakery as a base to offer training courses and future employment for women who have experienced homelessness, domestic violence, prostitution, sexual exploitation or the criminal justice system. It works holistically to – encourage ambition, restoration and second chances, to empower women to build their careers.

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Centre for Criminal Appeals's general work

Centre for Criminal Appeals investigate wrongful convictions and unfair sentences, and promote systemic reform of the criminal justice system to prevent future miscarriages of justice. Legal aid cuts and chronic underfunding have caused our criminal justice system to deteriorate. As a result, more and more people are being sent to prison who shouldn't be there. Even worse, the measures in place for rectifying mistakes simply aren't working - and this all comes at a steep human cost.The Centre for Criminal Appeals believes that the first step in improving the justice system is to identify where things are going wrong. That’s why they work on appeal cases, investigating the facts to get to the real truth about guilt or innocence, or challenging unfair prison terms. Their goal is to free innocent prisoners and reform our criminal justice system so that the risks of miscarriages of justice and unfair sentences are minimised and any mistakes that do occur are corrected swiftly.

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Spark Inside's general work

Spark Inside is pioneering the use of professional life coaching for 15-25 year olds in prison and their transition back into the community to reduce re-offending. The re-offending rate for young people has remained stubbornly high for years. The current system isn’t effectively helping them transition successfully to a crime-free adulthood.Young people in the criminal justice system typically have chaotic and troubled early lives. Often they have distinct needs that are left unmet by the criminal justice system. Spark Inside seeks to bring a new approach to rehabilitation by helping young people access their inner capacity for change to move away from crime.Spark Inside gives young people the tools to set and reach personal goals, take back control of their own life and make smarter decisions through their Hero’s Journey Workshop followed by one-to-one life coaching sessions. The charity believes every young person entering prison deserves an opportunity to turn their life around to fulfil their potential.

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The Girls Network's general work

The Girls’ Network is an award-winning charity that matches girls from low socio-economic backgrounds with inspirational female mentors from all walks of life. Their mission is to inspire, open doors and remove the barriers to young girls’ success. Only 33% of teenage girls feel positive about themselves and their futures. At sixteen only half of the girls from the poorest homes achieve any GCSE passes above grade D and less than 6% of girls from the poorest backgrounds will reach university. The Girls’ Network believe that no girl should have their future limited by their background, gender or parental income.The Girls' Network operate in London, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Brighton, Manchester and Birmingham. They aim to find new ways to give girls the best possible start in life, matching them with a female mentor from a professional background, and offering workshops, networking events and work experiences that the girls they help typically would not be able to access otherwise.

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Working Chance's general work

Working Chance is an award-winning UK charity creating a revolution in restorative recruitment. Since 2007 Working Chance has supported women with criminal convictions to find quality work with mainstream employers, helping them break inter-generational cycles of disadvantage and crime.Over 75% of women offenders have committed a non-violent crime. Upon release, many women find it hard to gain employment, and many would have lost their homes and children whilst inside. Finding sustainable work is a fundamental step to help women with convictions to transform their lives from exclusion to ones of contribution. Helping them find work they love also helps reduce re-offending which costs the UK £13 billion each year.Working Chance are pioneers who are re-framing the recruitment of people with convictions by changing attitudes among employers, the media and society. They offer a first-class, bespoke service to women who are used to being treated as second-class citizens.

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Rainmaker Accelerator

Charities are facing big challenges in an environment of reduced government funding and growing donor disillusion. Small charities have an even harder challenge in transforming their corners of the world while competing with their larger peers for visibility. Limited resources, skills and connections hinder their growth and stability.The Accelerator model has been wildly successful in the for-profit sector, enabling hundreds of thousands of startups to grow in a sustainable way. At Rainmaker Foundation we believe that if small charities with big potential have access to the same vital tools, frameworks and resources available to commercial startups: they will thrive.We accelerate the impact charities make on our massive social and environmental problems, by catalysing change through innovation and collaboration. The way we do this is by building bridge between: 1) small charities with big potential, 2) our community of Rainmakers, and 3) technology start-up ecosystems around the world. What we achieved in 2016:- 10 charities supported- 7 skills building workshops delivered (finance, marketing, fundraising, data management, growth hacking, purpose, pitching and presentation)- 44 charity employees engaged- 244+ hours of professional volunteering- £340,000 donated to the charities we supported- 36 pro-bono and mentoring projects- 6 exclusive networking eventsWe
deliver a much needed wave of innovation to small charities - helping them
become more agile, transparent and impactful. Support us to
run the programme for three years, and to amplify our own impact by launching
the virtual charity accelerator platform.

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Orchid Project's general work

Orchid Project has a vision of a world free from female genital cutting (FGC). Their mission is to foster and accelerate the abandonment of FGC around the world. They are a UK registered charity with a global reach. FGC takes place across the globe, with 3.6 million girls at risk of being cut every year and a staggering 200 million women and girls living with the devastating impacts of the practice. FGC contravenes human, health, child and women’s rights and there are severe negative impacts when a girl is cut. These can include death at the time of the cut or from subsequent infection, inability to pass urine and menstrual blood, constant pain, difficult sexual intercourse and extreme obstetric complications. To enable an end to female genital cutting globally, Orchid Projects works with international partners who deliver local programmes that foster a sustainable, community-led end to FGC. They support these partners to engage in local, national and international advocacy, as well as advocating themselves at the international level to ensure that FGC, and the way it is ending, remains on the global agenda.

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